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JabberYak Introduces Ice Breaker Virtual Background for Videoconferencing and Online Meetings

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

Introducing Ice Breaker Virtual Background for corporations and events that utilize ZOOM, Teams, Skype, etc.

Videoconferencing Virtual Background for ZOOM, Teams, Skype...

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., [1/23/2023] — Scottsdale startup JabberYak introduces the first of its kind Ice Breaker Virtual Background for corporations and events that utilize Videoconferencing apps like ZOOM, Teams, Skype, etc. This unique Virtual Background is designed to help remote employees or event attendees to engage, interact and build relationships during remote Videoconferencing calls.

“Many employees have been working from home and mostly interact with team members by Videoconferencing apps. For many remote workers, there is a lingering feeling of disconnect and detachment from team members, co-workers and even the company. Employees are missing those shared experiences that create connections and form a bond that goes beyond work,” says JabberYak Co-founder, Shideh Doerr.

So how do you create an environment where people once again feel that connection and relationship with coworkers? You reintroduce your teams and get them talking!

JabberYak Virtual Background enables your employees or event attendees to share 7 interests that give insight into who they are. These 7 interests along with name, title, and other professional information are printed on a custom image that is used as a Virtual Background for Videoconferencing apps. This stylish VB is the ultimate conversation starter and gets people to build connections based on shared interests.

Your employees depend on Videoconferencing to do their jobs. And every virtual call is an opportunity for your teams to learn something interesting about each other,” says, Co-Founder and CEO, Gail Levinthal.

Virtual Background for ZOOM, Teams, Skype and other Videoconferencing Apps

With each VB ice breaker package, JabberYak provides Data Analytics reporting which helps companies and event organizers understand what activities are valued by the team members or event attendees and what appreciation perks or incentives should be offered to individuals.

JabberYak’s ice breaker products for events, meetings and team building include customized Office Name Plates, T-Shirts, event badges, name tags, Buttons , Virtual Background, and Mobile Scavenger Hunt, designed to ignite meaningful communication.

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