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The ultimate
workplace Engagement Solution

Employees say they are disengaged at work. Gallup

People are becoming increasingly disengaged from traditional work methods, with many employees feeling isolated and disconnected from their coworkers. This shift, exacerbated by the blend of in-person and remote work, has significantly impacted team cohesion and collaboration. 

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Build your tribe!

JabberYak delivers an integrated solution that makes it easy for employees to connect, engage, and network in-person or virtually. JabberYak's solution serves as the ultimate conversation starter, designed to effortlessly connect and engage people through shared interests, data, and gamification. JabberYak's products help your employees build strong relationships and powerful teams.

How Does It Work?

JabberYak solution is developed based on the '7 degrees of interest' concept, a networking technique that connects people based on shared interests. Here is how it works...

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1. Pick your interests

Your employees will use the JabberYak platform to choose their top seven interests from a list curated by social psychologists and refined by your HR team to reflect your company's culture and values. These interests showcase each employee's unique personality.

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2. Visual Icebreakers

Employees' interests are displayed on company-branded visual cues like name plates, virtual backgrounds, name tags, or T-shirts. These serve as excellent conversation starters and effective icebreakers, instantly connecting employees by revealing something interesting about each other.

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3. Networking app

JabberYak ConnectNOW is a matchmaking and networking app that automatically connects your employees based on shared interests. With ConnectNOW, employees can send messages, create forums, share content, find places in town that match their interests, and plan activities based on common interests.

4. Mobile gamification

At conferences, meetings, or company social events, the JabberYak mobile Scavenger Hunt encourages employees to find others with specific interests and ask questions. This activity helps them engage, network, and bond by learning something interesting about each other.

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5. Data Analytics

This powerful dashboard can generate predictive insights. Employers can anticipate trends, preferences, or demands, enabling them to proactively plan and adapt strategies to better cater to employees' likes, dislikes, interests, and expectations.   This powerful tool gives managers the visibility to incentivize employees with rewards that are valued and appreciated.

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