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Signature Icebreaker Collection

It All Starts With a Visual Cue

Unleash the Power of Conversation with JabberYak's Icebreakers!

Want to ignite engagement? Look no further than our signature icebreaker collection! Inspired by the ingenious "Seven Degrees of Interests" concept, JabberYak’s icebreakers are not just products... they’re conversation starters.

Whether it’s a conference, student activity, workplace meeting, or a grand event, let people share and display their 7 top interests from our curated list. Watch the magic unfold as these interests come to life on name badges, vibrant virtual backgrounds, trendy t-shirts, catchy buttons, name tags, stunning name plates and so much more. JabberYak's icebreaker products will help people immediately connect, engage and network based on shared interests.

Why settle for mundane interactions when JabberYak offers instant connection? Dive into the future of networking.
JabberYak Ice Breaker Badge.jpg
JabberYak T-shirt Singles.jpg
Ice Breaker Virtual Background_edited.jpg
JabberYak Team Building Office Name Plate_edited.jpg
JabberYak ice breaker button
icebreaker questions.png
Sample Dorm Plate Sample (1).png
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