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Solution for Better Matchmaking/Networking

Imagine how much more engaging your events, workplace gatherings, or college activities can be if participants have a way to connect in real-time with others who share the same interests. Whether they are attendees, employees, or students, they can network based on common passions.

ConnectNOW is a matchmaking and networking platform that enables individuals at events, conferences, workplaces, or campuses to connect based on shared interests. 


Whether individuals are skiers, beach bums, football fans, foodies, or axe throwers, they can find others who share the same passions.

The ConnectNOW messaging feature allows users to reach out directly to one another or through a chat forum to arrange group activities.

ConnectNOW helps people expand their networks at events, workplaces, or colleges with like-minded individuals who enjoy the same things in life.

Business Networking

Networking Technology That Connects People Through Shared Passions!

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