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Team building office name plate

Build Great Teams With Your Office Name Plates

A crucial part of an individual’s experience at work is their ability to bond with others and form meaningful relationships. Traditional, boring, and uninspiring plates that just display names and titles are a thing of the past. Step into the future with name plates that inspire conversation, teamwork and engagement. 

JabberYak's technology enables your teams to select 7 personal interests that make them unique. These interests are printed on chic custom name plates designed to connect and engage your teams by learning something interesting about each other.

Breakdown internal silos. Increase productivity with engaged employees.

JabberYak Team Building Office Name Plate_edited.jpg

Modular Name Plate

Wall Mount Office Name Plate
Office Name Plate
JabberYak Wall Mount Name Plate
Hybrid Office Name Plate
Wall Mount Office Name Plate

Highly Engaged
Teams Show 21% 

More Profitability!

JabberYak Custom Office Name Plate
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