Ice Breaker Office Name Plates

Reengage and Reconnect Back in The Office!

Office Name Plate

For years we have had a name plate stuck outside our office or cubicle that displays our name and title. This uninspiring identifier is simply there for people to ignore.

Now, imagine office name plates that actually reengage and reconnect your teams.


JabberYak's technology enables your teams to select 7 personal interests that make them unique. These interests will be printed on stylish custom designed name plates. These office name plates help your teams to bond by knowing something interesting about each other.

Welcome your teams to the new office by dropping the old-school name plates and replacing them with the only ice breaker name plate in the market.

Modular Name Plate

Wall Mount Office Name Plate
JabberYak Office Name Plate
Office Name Plate
Office Name Plate
JabberYak Wall Mount Name Plate
Hybrid Office Name Plate
Wall Mount Office Name Plate
JabberYak Cubical Name Plate
Name Plate
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Turn your office to a close-knit community by enabling your staff to know something cool about each other.

Did you know JabberYak app helps employees find coworkers with common interests?!

Working Together

Give better perks by knowing what your employees are interested in with JabberYak Data Analytics!

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