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Event networking

Select networking as the
top reason to attend events. 

Traditional event organization and execution no longer captivate attendees. In today's event landscape, networking and personalized experiences are the primary reasons people attend events. However, a staggering 68% of attendees feel uncomfortable introducing themselves to others. 

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Drive Event Success By Fostering Human Connections!

JabberYak offers integrated solutions that make it easy for event attendees to connect, engage, and network. By utilizing icebreakers, a networking app, and gamification, JabberYak enhances the overall networking experience for all participants. Additionally, it provides event organizers with valuable analytics insights to create better experiences for attendees.

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How Does It Work?

JabberYak solution is developed based on the '7 degrees of interest' concept, a networking technique that connects people based on shared interests. Here is how it works...

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1. Pick your interests

After receiving a notification, event attendees will use the JabberYak platform to choose their top seven interests from a list curated by social psychologists and refined by the organizers. These interests showcase each attendee's unique personality.

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2. Icebreaker Collection

Attendees' interests and information are displayed on stylish visual cues like badges, buttons, or T-shirts. These serve as excellent conversation starters and effective icebreakers, instantly connecting attendees by revealing something interesting about each other during the event.

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3. Networking app

JabberYak ConnectNOW is a matchmaking and networking app that automatically connects individuals at the same event based on shared interests. With ConnectNOW, attendees can send messages, create forums, share content, find places in town that match their interests, and plan activities before, during, and after the event.

4. Mobile gamification

During networking sessions, the JabberYak mobile Scavenger Hunt encourages attendees to find others with specific interests and ask questions. This activity helps them engage, network, and bond by learning something interesting about each other.

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5. Predictive Data Analytics

This powerful dashboard can generate predictive insights. Organizers can anticipate trends, preferences, or demands, enabling them to proactively plan and adapt event strategies to better cater to attendees' changing interests. This can include suggesting relevant sessions, workshops, exhibitors, swag or activities that match attendees' preferences, increasing their overall satisfaction with the event.

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