Customer Engagement Name Tags

You Are More Than a Name!

Name Tag

For so long your employees have been wearing name tags that display their names and titles. This uninspiring identifier is simply there for customers or patients to ignore. Now, imagine a name tag that actually engages people, builds connections, and starts conversations.


JabberYak's technology enables your staff to select 7 personal interests that make them unique. These interests will be printed on stylish custom designed Name Tags. This will open doors for a memorable experience for your employees and customers.

Drop the old-school name tags and replace them with the only customer engagement name tag in the market. 


Not just a name tag,
it's an experience...

Did you know JabberYak Scavenger Hunt app gets staff to find coworkers with common interests?!

Girls in a Shopping Mall

Give better perks by knowing what your employees are interested in with JabberYak Data Analytics!

Computer with Graph

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