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Technology That Connects People

People find networking at events intimidating. ACMI Events
Employees are disengaged at work. Gallup
College students
score high on the loneliness scale.
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The Ultimate Conversation Starter!

Networking and building connections often involves stepping beyond one's comfort zone to initiate conversations with strangers.

JabberYak delivers an integrated solution that makes it easy for people to connect, engage, and network in-person or virtually.

JabberYak's solution serves as the ultimate conversation starter, designed to effortlessly connect and engage people through shared interests, data, and gamification. Serving a wide range of industries including events, universities, organizations, and more, JabberYak's products set the path for building strong relationships and powerful connections.

Seven Degrees of Interest:
A networking technique that connects and engages people based on common interests!

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Connect, engage,
find your tribe!

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Show your 7 Interests.

Unleash your

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Jabberyak's integrated Solution

Icebreaker Collection

It all starts with a visual cue!  Inspired by the ingenious "Seven Degrees of Interest" concept, JabberYak’s icebreakers are not just products... they’re conversation starters.

Whether it’s a conference, student activity, workplace meeting, or a grand event, let people share and display their 7 top interests from our curated list. Watch the magic unfold as these interests come to life on stunning products displayed or worn in-person or virtually.


JabberYak's icebreaker products will help people immediately connect, engage and network based on shared interests.

MatchWorking App

ConnectNOW is a matchmaking and networking platform that enables individuals to connect based on shared interests. 


Whether individuals are skiers, beach bums, football fans, foodies, or axe throwers, they can find others who share the same passions.

The ConnectNOW messaging feature allows users to reach out directly to one another or through a chat forum to arrange group activities. ConnectNOW helps people expand their networks with like-minded individuals who enjoy the same things in life.

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Mobile Gamification

Introducing the ultimate mobile scavenger hunt experience designed to unite people through shared interests.


This innovative platform combines the excitement of a traditional scavenger hunt with the convenience of your smartphone, creating a captivating and immersive experience that engages participants from start to finish.


The JabberYak Mobile Scavenger Hunt app encourages participants to seek out others with specific interests. This game fosters engagement, networking, and bonding as participants learn something intriguing about each other.

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Data Analytics Insight

JabberYak's AI-powered analytics platform provides deep analysis of participants' data, offering predictive insights to forecast trends, preferences, or demands across various sectors.


This powerful tool supports proactive planning and strategic adaptation, enhancing engagement by aligning with the evolving interests of diverse groups. Its comprehensive analytics dashboard suggests tailored sessions, workshops, activities, incentives, speakers, and more, significantly boosting satisfaction and experience in any organizational or group setting.

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Start Conversations, Build Connections, Find Your Tribe!



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Connections Made


System Interactions

some of our amazing customers

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"We used JabberYak for our company conference.  Our team has been growing plus we had a year hiatus so having such an amazing Ice Breaker/engagement exercise really helped ease everyone into the large group setting and quickly connected people who had only met via zoom or email. It was truly an amazing experience to watch and be a part of.  The scavenger hunt is a must do because it forces people to get out of their comfort zone and connect with everyone.  The best part, we had a couple department heads mention that they learned new things about people who had been on their teams for years because of the JabberYak Name Badges.  It was a great way to start the conference and it was the hit of the three day event. Thank you, JabberYak!"   


Customer Testimonial 
Andrew Meister
Director of Digital Sales
Voice Media Group

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