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JabberYak T-Shirts

Turn Your Team Meetings to Memorable Team Building

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JabberYak Name Tag

Engage And Turn Your Customers to Raving Fans

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Quote Mark

Seven Degrees of Interest: the idea that individuals will connect on at least one out of seven interests that trigger meaningful conversations.

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JabberYak Event Badges

Know Something About Others Before The First Word is Exchanged

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JabberYak Office Name Plate

Build Trust By Getting Your Team to Better Know Each Other

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With products developed based on the “Seven Degrees of Interest”, JabberYak's technology enables users to select seven personal interests that show who they are. Their seven interests get printed on unique T-shirts, badges, name tags, or office name plates that are worn to meetings, events, at work or displayed at the office. These ice breaking products are the ultimate conversation starter and bring people together to better engage, bond, socialize and build lasting relationships based on similar interests. more..