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Technology That Connects People

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Drive Event Success By Fostering
Human Connections!

JabberYak delivers an integrated event networking and engagement technology to improve the attendee experience through shared interests, data, and gamification.

JabberYak's event networking tools serve as the ultimate icebreakers and conversation starters, designed to effortlessly connect and engage your attendees through shared interests. For event organizers, it offers an AI-powered analytics tool that provides predictive insights into attendees' preferences, dislikes, values, expectations, and interests before the event starts. This ensures every event is customized for a memorable experience.

82% of your event attendees say that networking is one of the top reasons they attend events. 75% say that they are more likely to attend an event if it offered personalized experiences.

Jabberyak's integrated Solution

JabberYak Icebreakers for Meetings
JabberYak Data Analytics
JabberYak Event Networking App
JabberYak Scavenger Hunt App

Some of Our Amazing Customers

Visit Phoenix

"We used JabberYak for our company conference.  Our team has been growing plus we had a year hiatus so having such an amazing Ice Breaker/engagement exercise really helped ease everyone into the large group setting and quickly connected people who had only met via zoom or email. It was truly an amazing experience to watch and be a part of.  The scavenger hunt is a must do because it forces people to get out of their comfort zone and connect with everyone.  The best part, we had a couple department heads mention that they learned new things about people who had been on their teams for years because of the JabberYak Name Badges.  It was a great way to start the conference and it was the hit of the three day event. Thank you, JabberYak!"   


Customer Testimonial 
Andrew Meister
Director of Digital Sales
Voice Media Group
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