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College students score high on the loneliness scale. ACHA

New college students face many challenges particularly the anxiety and loneliness stemming from the transition to college life.This significant period of adjustment often hinders their ability to forge new connections, especially during their critical first year on campus.

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Empower Students to Forge Connections!

JabberYak's solution helps enhance the quality of life for university and college students by empowering new dorm residents to easily connect, engage, and socialize based on shared interests.

How Does It Work?

JabberYak solution is developed based on the '7 degrees of interest' concept, a networking technique that connects people based on shared interests. Here is how it works...

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1. Pick your interests

Before moving into the dormitory, students will use the JabberYak platform to choose their top seven interests from a list curated by social psychologists and refined by the administration to reflect your university's values. These interests showcase each student's unique personality.

2. Dorm room icebreaker name plates

Students' interests are printed on university-branded name plates, displayed outside each student’s dorm room, serving as an excellent conversation starter and an effective icebreaker, instantly connecting students by revealing something interesting about one another. 

3. Networking app

Linking students based on their shared interests, the ConnectNOW app notifies each student about others in the dorm who share common interests. The app allows students with similar interests to message each other, create forums, and share information about related on-campus events. Additionally, the ConnectNOW app recommends places to visit around the university based on student's interests.

4. Mobile gamification

During orientation or social hours, the JabberYak Mobile Scavenger Hunt app engages students in searching for others with specific interests and encourages them to ask questions. This scavenger hunt game fosters deeper engagement and bonding as students learn interesting facts about one another.

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5. Data Analytics

JabberYak's AI-generated data analytics dashboard provides administration with tools to help analyze students' interests and identify the best strategies to retain and engage them. 

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