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ice breaker t-shirts

Build Teams That Know And Trust Each Other!

Ice breaker and team building t-shirts

Create a synergy between your staff by upgrading your event staff t-shirts to ones that make a true statement.  Or blow your staff away at the next company retreat by taking teambuilding to a whole other level. 

JabberYak’s solution adds 7 of your staff’s significant interests to classic and comfortable t-shirts. This ice breaker is perfect for teambuilding experiences, traditional meetings, and unconventional events. Combine with the conference badges to  create the ultimate connection between all attendees. 


Effective teams connect and enjoy working together.

JabberYak T-Shirt
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Did you know JabberYak Scavenger Hunt app gets people to find others with common interests?!


Give better perks by knowing what your employees are interested in with JabberYak Data Analytics!

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