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Build Teams That Know And Trust Each Other!

Ice breaker and team building t-shirts

What do high-achieving teams have in common? They collaborate and trust each other. 

This trust is built when team members know each other well. Studies show people connect well on at least 1 out of 7 common interests.

JabberYak technology enables your teams to select 7 personal interests that get printed on stylish T-Shirts. 

JabberYak  T-Shirts are the ultimate ice breakers in meetings and events. This conversation starter concept helps your teams engage, connect, and have fun.


Effective teams connect and enjoy working together.

JabberYak T-Shirt
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Did you know JabberYak Scavenger Hunt app gets people to find others with common interests?!


Give better perks by knowing what your employees are interested in with JabberYak Data Analytics!

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