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Seven Degrees of Interest: the idea that individuals will connect on at least one out of seven interests that trigger meaningful conversations.

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At JabberYak, we believe in the power of human connection and that's why we develop ice breaker products that connect people the old-fashioned way – getting them talking! Our unique "7 degrees of interest" concept eases social tension and helps conversations flow. The ultimate conversation starter!

JabberYak products are thoughtfully designed to help people bond by engaging, networking, and discovering something interesting about each other. 

JabberYak patent-pending technology enables users to select seven personal interests from its customized, event-specific platform. These selected interests are printed on products that are either worn to an event or displayed in the workplace. This visual cue allows individuals to know something relevant about someone else before the first word is even exchanged. Our products provide an easy way for people to find someone they can relate to in a crowded room.

People feel good when they can connect and engage effectively with someone else. This is critical information for event planners striving to create a memorable experience, or organizations trying to re-engage their staff and retain customers. Going back to basics is the best approach: make it easier for people to connect! 

JabberYak also offers an Analytics Dashboard which provides a comprehensive report of interests of those who utilized the system.  This information can be used as a valuable staff retention tool to keep your best people with you, or to plan activities geared towards attendees’ interests. 

As an added service, our Event Registration portal allows you to create your in-person, virtual, or hybrid events and enables your attendees to easily register and RSVP. It's that easy and it's FREE! 

JabberYak’s products help turn any event or working environment into an engaging social experience. 

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