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Seven Degrees of Interest:
A networking technique that connects and engages people based on common interests!

Innovation, creativity, and collaboration all begin with human connection. At JabberYak, we believe the gateway to building powerful networks is found in the exchange of mutually significant interests. JabberYak develops unique tech solutions that help event attendees connect, engage, and network more effectively, while also providing event organizers with data analytics insights to create better experiences for the attendees.  With us, you will break free from predictable and boring and wow your audiences with memorable experiences that guarantee an increase in engagement. JabberYak products are thoughtfully designed to help people bond by discovering interesting fun facts about each other.

Whether you are planning your next event, or in need of unique ways to increase employee engagement, look no further. Increase satisfaction and build an influential culture with the best event engagement and networking tool.

  • Break the ice. Our technology encourages audiences to select 7 personal interests that can be printed on t-shirts, badges, buttons, name tags, door/desk name plates, and virtual background.

  • Conquer anxiety. Our products provide an easy way for people to find someone they can relate to in any room. This visual cue allows individuals to quickly know something relevant about someone else before the first word is even exchanged.

  • Bring back the fun. Gamify your participants' experience with everyone’s favorite activity: The mobile Scavenger Hunt.

  • Build connected communities. Connect people in real-time at events or workplace by giving them visibility to others who have the same interests.

  • Stay ahead of the game. Gain useful information with our AI-generated Analytics Dashboard that provides a comprehensive report with data you can use to create personalized events that cater to participants' interests and values.


We know people feel great when they can connect and engage effectively with others. After all, we are social beings. JabberYak’s products help turn any event or working environment into a lively social experience. 

Let’s get talking!

Contact us today and let's get your team up on JabberYak.

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