The Ultimate Conversation Starter

Who are they?
Seven words can tell you!

Whether you are a corporation, singles group, travel company, service provider or arranging any group function, a major hurdle is getting people to interact. Not everyone is outgoing and enjoys crowds. Many people find engaging with others awkward and intimidating. 

That’s why JabberYak offers unique icebreaking products that create a fun atmosphere, ease social interaction, and build relationships by enhancing the level of engagement at work or at social events.

People are drawn to others when they share something in common, but it’s not easy to find these people in a crowded place. Through JabberYak’s technology, users select seven personal interests that shows who they are. Their seven interests get printed on our unique T-shirts, badges, name tags, and office name plates that are worn to an event, at work or displayed at the office. This gives a visual cue for individuals to quickly know something about another before the first word is even exchanged.
This system is based on JabberYak’s “seven degrees of interest concept”, the idea that individuals will connect on at least one out of seven interests that trigger meaningful conversations. JabberYak is going back to basics and connecting people the old-fashioned way—talking!
JabberYak’s technology also includes analytics reporting for organizers before an event that provide invaluable insight into the interests of those in attendance from the data collected.  This information gives organizers an advantage in understanding who their target audience is and the edge to better plan activities geared towards their interests.
JabberYak is the ultimate icebreaker and conversation starter which delivers a fun and memorable experience for event attendees, customers or co-workers.
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