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conversation starter event badges

Create Events That Everybody Talks About!

Event planners know name badges are integral in ensuring attendees can interact with ease. No one enjoys anxiously awaiting the perfect opportunity to strike up a conversation with an unfamiliar face. And the last thing you want is a room full of people standing around aimlessly with no apparent purpose. It is awkward and uncomfortable. 

JabberYak’s stylish and easy-to-read badges elevate traditional name badges by including 7 personal interests printed directly on them. This organic ice breaker helps create an appealing social atmosphere where conversations are more enjoyable and attendee satisfaction soars.

More than just
a badge, it's an experience...

Conference event badges
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product includes

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Business Networking
Using a Touch Phone

Mobile Scavenger Hunt

Thousands of event attendees have used JabberYak badges to connect and network!

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