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Top 5 AI Tools for Event Planners!

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

Top AI tools for event planners
Top AI tools for event planners!

By: Mack Baniameri

Co-Founder & CTO, JabberYak

In the world of event planning, professionals often manage a variety of tasks, ranging from challenging logistical coordination to ensuring great attendee experiences. The integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) into this realm offers a transformative approach, facilitating efficiency and streamlining the planning process. By harnessing the power of AI, event planners can simplify mundane tasks, allowing them to channel their energies towards strategic planning. Furthermore, AI's capabilities in data analysis provides invaluable insights into attendee behavior and preferences, empowering planners to curate events that resonate deeply with their target audience. In essence, the fusion of AI and event planning not only simplifies operations but also improves the overall caliber and outcome of events.

Below, we delve into 5 AI tools that can assist event planners with daily tasks:

1. AI-Powered Web Assistant:

Sider (Chrome Extension)

- Description: Sider, driven by the OpenAI ChatGPT API, functions as an AI companion during web browsing sessions.

- Key Features:

- Summarization of websites, PDF files, YouTube videos, Articles, Contracts.

- Seamless integration of ChatGPT alongside web browsing.

2. AI-Driven Zoom Note-taker:

Fathom (Zoom Extension)

- Description: Fathom enhances your Zoom experience by recording, transcribing, and pinpointing pivotal moments in your calls, allowing you to immerse fully in the conversation without the distraction of note-taking.

3. Blog, Social Media, Survey Creation Tools:

ChatGPT & Bard AI (Chatbots)

- Description: ChatGPT and Bard AI stand out as formidable tools for crafting content tailored for blogs, social media, and surveys. To harness their full potential, it's crucial to master the art of prompt formulation.

- Proper Prompt Structure:

- Context

- Task

- Example

- Format

- Tone

Sample Prompt: "Organizing a national grocery association event with 500+ attendees at a resort conference center. Design a 10-question post-event survey to gauge event success, incorporating one query about travel and one query about hotel accommodations. The survey should comprise multiple-choice questions with four options, ensuring clarity and simplicity."

4. Marketing Video Generator:

Pictory (AI Solution)

- Description: Pictory offers an intuitive platform for AI-driven video creation tailored for marketing campaigns. Users can input their ChatGPT-generated content into Pictory, which then vocalizes the script and pairs it with relevant stock imagery. While the system offers a quick turnaround, users might occasionally need to refine image selections to enhance content flow.

5. AI-Enhanced Spreadsheet Management:

Chat With Excel (ChatGPT Plugin)

- Description: Chat With Excel supercharges Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets by melding them with ChatGPT's AI capabilities. This integration facilitates task automation, data extraction, categorization, and formula generation, propelling users towards data-driven decision-making.

Remember, even though AI can be helpful, always check its output for accuracy. AI tools are constantly changing, with new ones coming out often. Stay updated on these changes and look for better options if needed. Also, many AI tools that start as free might later charge fees, so keep an eye on that.



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