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JabberYak Introduces a New Icebreaker for Introverts to Thrive at Events, Meetings or The Workplace

icebreaker for events, meetings or the workplace

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., April 14, 2023 — Scottsdale startup JabberYak introduces, ConnectNOW , a social networking application that enables individuals who are attending the same event, conference or at the workplace to connect based on common interests. This unique application is designed to help participants to engage, interact and build relationships based on common interests.

“We are striving to create the most comprehensive event engagement and networking solution in the market. ConnectNOW is an addition to JabberYak’s integrated icebreaker products for events, meetings, and the workplace.” Said, Shideh Doerr, CEO of JabberYak. “JabberYak’s ConnectNOW offers a fun way for event participants or company employees to see others in real-time who have the same interests as they do. Whether individuals are skiers, beach bums, football fans, foodies, axe throwers, or Piston fans like me, they can find others who share the same passions.”

ConnectNOW messaging feature, lets users reach out directly to each other or from a chat forum to share information and arrange group activities.

JabberYak’s icebreaker suite of products also include customized Office Name Plates, T-Shirts, Event Badges, Name Tags, Buttons , Virtual Background, Mobile Scavenger Hunt, and comprehensive Data Analytics Reporting which helps event organizers or companies understand which activities are valued by the participants and respond with meaningful perks or incentives.

Built on the 7 Degrees of Interests concept, JabberYak’s patented technology gives users access to customized personal interest templates that include: sports, activities, hobbies, food, arts, adventures and more. JabberYak integrated solution utilizes these interests to create event-specific icebreaker products that help participants interact, engage, and network.

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