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How to Format ChatGPT Prompts for Event Planners

Updated: Jan 22

JabberYak ChaptGPT prompts for event planners

By Mack Baniameri

Co-Founder & CTO, JabberYak

Let’s talk about a resource that’s becoming increasingly essential in the world of events – ChatGPT! It can help with tons of tasks like crafting event proposals, generating creative ideas, or even just answering our never-ending queries about industry trends.

However, to extract the most value, we need to converse in a language that ChatGPT comprehends the best. In essence, we need to be prompt-perfect! Below is a guide on how to format ChaptGPT prompts for event planners.

1. Be Clear and Concise:

When drafting prompts, it’s crucial to be direct and succinct. Use clear language and specify the task you want ChatGPT to perform.


Incorrect: Plan something.

Correct:Can you help me draft a layout for a corporate event for 200 people with a sustainability theme?

2. Provide Context:

Giving context is key. Detail out the scenario, mentioning the event type, audience, theme, etc., to get more appropriate responses.


Prompt: Can you help me generate a list of fun, interactive activities suitable for a family-oriented carnival, considering kids and adults will be present?

Ask Open-Ended Questions

While specifics are great, sometimes, it’s good to let ChatGPT explore and provide varied suggestions.


Prompt: Could you suggest some innovative ice-breaker activities for a team-building event, keeping diversity and inclusion in mind?

4. Multiple Requests in Sequence:

Break down your requirements into smaller tasks and ask them sequentially to ensure clarity and coherence.


Prompt 1:Can you suggest a theme for a summer outdoor wedding?

Prompt 2: Based on the chosen theme, what décor elements would you recommend?

5. Use Follow-Up Questions:

ChatGPT can remember the conversation flow, so feel free to ask follow-up questions to refine the suggestions further.


Prompt: What would be a suitable menu for a vegan high-tea event?

Follow-Up:Can you refine the menu to include gluten-free options as well?

Examples Specific to Event Planners:

a. Sourcing Venues:

Prompt: Can you list some suitable venues in New York City for a tech conference for around 300 participants with state-of-the-art AV facilities?

b. Creating Invitations:

Prompt: Could you help me draft a formal invitation for a charity gala with a ‘Vintage Elegance’ theme, focusing on fundraising for children’s education?

c. Planning Logistics:

Prompt: Can you create a detailed checklist for managing logistics at a music festival, considering security, crowd control, and emergency response?

d. Conceptualizing Themes:

Prompt: Can you suggest some unique and immersive themes for a corporate holiday party considering the winter season and a diverse group of attendees?

With the power of ChatGPT in our planning toolkit, orchestrating great experiences becomes a breeze! Whether it’s finding a venue, brainstorming a theme, or just solving everyday conundrums, framing the right prompt is your ticket to unadulterated, quality suggestions. So, let’s embrace the clarity, ride the context wave, and get the conversation rolling with our new event-planning assistant, ChatGPT!

Disclaimer: Please remember that ChaptGPT's data goes back to 2021. If you want to use a AI chatbot with currently updated data, you might want to consider Bard AI from Google.



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