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How the right custom name tag can elevate your business.

Updated: May 16, 2022

Custom Name Tag
Custom Name Tag

Name tags are pervasive in service, industrial and hospitality businesses,

but not a lot of time or effort is spent thinking about them. Perhaps if it is known how name tags can visibly shift and influence perceptions of your company, this will change.

Here are a few reasons how name tags can have a positive impact on your business.

It personalizes and humanizes

Name tags make employees visible. Traditionally, the primary use has been for identification. Especially in larger businesses, it can be challenging to remember everybody’s name or in which department they belong. By wearing name tags, team members in a company are more likely to recognize each other as chances are they all do not know each other. Customers also have the necessary information to approach a staff member. Name tags are an open invitation to get to know the wearer which makes customers feel welcome. They know who they are talking to which makes them more approachable and personable. It also makes staff more accountable for their actions as their name is displayed to everyone.

Increases brand exposure

Name tags aren’t just for the identification of employees. They can help boost recognition of your brand and differentiate you from your competitors. They are a great way to advertise as they provide a direct marketing channel to existing customers on every visit. So, by adding your logo and company brand to a name tag, you essentially provide yourself with free advertising. The more your brand is seen, the stronger it becomes.

Improves communication and engagement through conversation

Communication is far better when customers know somebody’s name. Name tags are a great way to break down social barriers to start up conversations. A great icebreaker! They comfortably connect employee and customer as they inform the customer who they are working with. When employees interact with customers, their attitude sets the tone for the customers’ experience. A better customer experience improves the purchasing opportunity.

Communication between employees is as important. It is easier to interact and work together when you are familiar with each other. Name tags are a key piece. They help provide a sense of unity and camaraderie which is essential for productivity and joint goals. Better communication, better performance.

Looks professional and provides security

When staff are required to wear name tags, they portray a standard of consistency. A clear message that as a company you are organized and have quality control. When staff look professional, they feel professional.

Name tags also lend a layer of security as they identify company staff and where they belong. This helps alert personnel when there is an intruder that should not be in an area.

So, what’s in a name tag… well, it appears just about everything!

Each name tag tells the story of your brand to help customers and employees remember their experience. They become part of your marketing as well as providing excellent services to your customers. Take your time selecting the best name tags for your business. Look for something fun and unique. Don’t be old- school boring! Make them bright and interactive. Memorable and distinctive.



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