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Ice breaker and team building products

Team building activities and ice breakers for meetings, events, office

JabberYak builds unique team building and ice breaker products that enhance team cohesiveness, employee engagement, and teamwork.

JabberYak’s platform enables team members to select their top seven personal interests that give insight into who they are. Their seven interests then get printed on custom designed 
T-shirts, Name Badges
or Office Name Plates that are worn to meetings, events, at work or displayed at the office. These ice breaking products, combined with scavenger hunt app and data analytics, are the ultimate conversation starter and bring people together to better engage, bond, network and build lasting relationships based on similar interests.

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JabberYak T-Shirts

By enabling individuals to share 7 interests that make them unique, JabberYak helps you transform your team meetings to team building activities.  This will create a common bond and trust among your team members. JabberYak scavenger hunt app and data analytics take your team bonding to the next level.

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JabberYak Name Badges

Whether it's corporate, singles or any other group event, JabberYak badges can help you make your next event memorable. By sharing 7 interests, this ultimate conversation starter gets your teams to quickly connect, engage and network. JabberYak scavenger hunt app and data analytics make your events unforgettable.

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JabberYak Office Name Plates

Welcome your teams back to the office by dropping the old name plates and replacing them with the only team-building name plate on the market.This office name plate is your ultimate team- builder and it will help your teams to reconnect and re-build trust by knowing something interesting about each other.

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