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Team Building Tool for Remote, Hybrid & In-Person Staff

Ice breaker and team building t-shirts

Your employees depend on email to do their jobs. And every email is an opportunity for your teams to connect, bond and learn something interesting about each other.  


JabberTar Electronic Profile is the team building tool you've been looking for.


JabberTar enables your staff to share 7 interests that give insight into who they are. These 7 interests along with name, title, phone number and other professional information are printed on a custom image that can be used as email signature or professional background. This stylish online profile is the ultimate conversation starter and gets your employees and customers to build connection  based on common interests.

Ice breaker and team building t-shirts

Turn Company Email To a Team Building Tool!

JabberTar Data Analytics can help you provide more relevant Employee perks and incentives

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