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JabberYak Event Engagement Solution
JabberYak offers a complete Event Engagement and Networking solution that helps people connect, interact, and build relationships based on shared interests.
JabberYak’s stylish and easy-to-read badges elevate the traditional name badge by including 7 personal interests. This unique name badge helps bring ease to the social atmosphere where conversations are more enjoyable and participants satisfaction soars.
JabberYak Products can include QRCodes or Logo on the backside.
Create a synergy between your team by upgrading their t-shirts, so they make a statement.  Or blow your staff away at the next company retreat by taking teambuilding to a whole other level.
Name tags are vital in almost every type of event or business. Sadly, they are often dull, lifeless, and easily ignored. JabberYak is changing the game by making them engaging, fun-to-wear, and personalized.
Need to keep your conventional conference badges but want to improve engagement and networking? The JabberYak buttons transition traditional badges to ultimate conversation starters.
The virtual background enables your team or event participants to share 7 interests that give insight into who they are. These 7 interests along with their name, title, and other professional information are displayed on a custom image that can be used as a virtual background for Zoom, Teams, Skype, etc.
JabberYak brings the fun back to events, networking, and team building with a catalog of the most effective ice breaker questions that will make your functions so much more engaging.
- Data Analytics Reporting - Mobile Scavenger Hunt - JabberYak ConnectNOW
Use data analytics to create a personalized experience for your event participants and increase engagement, networking, and overall satisfaction. Event participants are more likely to remember and recommend an event that was tailored to their personal interests.
Get your event participants to engage and learn something about each other by finding others with certain interests at the event.
An event networking app that enables individuals who are attending the same event, conference or at the workplace to connect based on common interests.

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