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JabberYak Launches a Free Event Registration Tool to Support Online, Hybrid and In-Person Events.

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

Press Release

Scottsdale, Arizona, Jan 13, 2022 -- JabberYak announced today the launch of a free event registration tool for companies and event organizers. As the demand for online, hybrid and in-person events increase, JabberYak has given customers access to a powerful event registration tool to create and manage events, meetings, seminars and more with a few simple steps.

“As part of our icebreaker and team building products, we are providing access to JabberYak’s event registration platform to everyone at no cost, no contracts and no obligation,” said Gail Levinthal, co-founder and CEO, JabberYak. “Access to this powerful tool gives us the opportunity to showcase our amazing products to potential customers.”

JabberYak’s Event Registration Tool is one of the most comprehensive event tools on the market and is designed to make things simple for its users. It allows organizers to simply submit information for upcoming events, then the tool’s artificial intelligence (AI) engine builds the best template with all the information for the organizers.

The JabberYak Event Registration Platform enables users to:

Showcase events online

Promote organization brand with stylish registration templates

Get registration notifications

Get QR Code for your event registration

View the attendee list on the dashboard

Utilize automated confirmation and reminder emails

Display the RSVP link on invite emails and the organization website

Show attendees who else is registered for the event

Display event location map

Connect event to social media and promotional platforms

“The key is simplicity,” said Shideh Doerr, co-founder and COO, JabberYak. “We wanted to introduce a versatile, free tool to event organizers that does pretty much everything for them. You simply provide the event information, and the tool creates the best invite and RSVP model for you.”

JabberYak was founded by two Scottsdale-based women. Gail Levinthal is a former brand manager who immigrated from South Africa in the 1990s, and Shideh Doerr is an entrepreneur and first generation Persian American. The two women developed JabberYak after seeing how difficult it was for those around them to connect with others, especially in large group settings such as corporate and singles events, holiday parties and even family reunions. While on a cruise with her family, Levinthal noticed how many people stopped to talk to her son because of the college shirt he was wearing. She saw that people were more willing to connect if they had a common interest. The duo connected with serial entrepreneur and investor, Mack Baniameri and launched the JabberYak products in June 2021.

About JabberYak

JabberYak provides ice breaking products that help organizations improve teamwork, interactions, and customer retention through better engagement. With products developed based on the “Seven Degrees of Interest”, JabberYak's technology enables users to select seven personal interests that show who they are. Their seven interests get printed on unique T-shirts, event badges, Name Tags, or Office Name Plates that are worn to meetings, events, at work or displayed at the office. These ice breaking products are the ultimate conversation starter and bring people together to better engage, bond, socialize and build lasting relationships based on similar interests.




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